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"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time." - Thomas Merton


Aperto in Italian means "openness". As the name suggests, emphasizes being open to the unusual and intergrating marginalized spaces to inclusive and health oriented places that embrace their cultural and social identities. 


I am an artist who explores space and architecture, and how people relate to or are influenced by their environments. My work often borrows from architecture and design, embodying existing structures and imagining new ones.


My research and work blends sculptural and photographic sensibilities with the grounded, realistic and uncompromising forms of drafting designs and buildings. I explore city planning and urban space through the light and shadows in my photographs. I like the quote from Thomas Merton because it expresses my interest in the ongoing dualities of identity in the psychological landscape. I use my research on psychoanalysis and environmental psychology to further understand the behavioural complexities of society and the environment.


I take an innovative approach to art, design and research by looking at the well-being of spaces, hinging on the imaginative and practical processes. My objective is to understand how to connect meaningful and holistic relationships between people and their environments.